5 Tips to Reduce Your Auto Insurance Premium

You have certainly already tested an online simulator to get the price of a car insurance. It is an easy and comfortable operation. No need to move to your broker, you can do this from your living room. However, online simulators do not only have advantages. They could direct you to an unsuitable insurance contract. The risks that you will incur when using these online comparators are well represented. Covers unsuitable for your needs, partially covered car, inconsistent car insurance price, etc.

Driving aids

Today, technology brings us a lot of novelties in our cars. Current cars are more comfortable, more autonomous and above all more secure. We are seeing more and more manufacturers offering us driver assistance systems.

A driver assistance system is simply a technological assistance of your vehicle that reduces the number of accidents.

Here are the main driver assistance systems:

Parking Assist: Sensors that signal if your vehicle is getting too close to another object

E-call: System that sends a call to a support center if you are involved in an accident

Lane Support: Indicates to the driver if it deviates without having activated its flashing lights and corrects the trajectory of the vehicle

Attention assist: A system that identifies signs of driver fatigue and invites you to take a break

Blind spot detection: System that warns you with an alarm signal in case of danger

Emergency braking: Your car brakes automatically if it gets too close to another vehicle

Cruise control: Permanently maintain a safe distance between your car and the vehicle you are driving by automatically adjusting the speed of your car.

With its driving aids, insurance companies offer discounts for certain driver assistance systems. It varies from one company to another. If your car has a driver assistance, do not hesitate to ask your broker if you cannot get a discount on your auto premium.

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Ecological vehicles

Ecology is a social problem at the heart of our concerns. We are more and more encouraged to make an effort to pollute less. It is important to leave a cleaner land for the future of our children.

Some insurance companies encourage all drivers to ride more “clean”. You can benefit from discounts on your auto liability or your omnium if your vehicle emits a low CO2 emission (-100gr of CO2 / KM). You will be even more advantage if your vehicle is electric.

If your vehicle is low-CO2 or electric, contact your dealer to request a discount on your auto premium.

Insurance per kilometer

This alternative is very beneficial for people who do not drive a lot with their vehicles. With kilometer insurance, the less you travel for at least one kilometer you pay for your auto premium. Some companies offer fares based on the kilometers you travel on the year. This insurance is suitable for people who drive less than 15,000 kilometers a year. If you are in the case, opt for this alternative that will lower the price of your car insurance.

Reduce your guarantees

This trick depends on the appreciation of each. However, there are more sensible choices than others regarding the warranties of your vehicle. If you still pay a credit to pay for your car, it is best to keep your full omnium. Imagine that you declassify your vehicle in the wrong; you will have to buy a new car quickly while continuing to pay the other car accident. That would make a famous hole in your budget! If you no longer have credit on your vehicle you can afford to take the small omnium. You will reduce the price of your car insurance.

To be sure to make the right choice, contact your broker and ask him if your warranties relate to your auto contract are always justified. He will advise you to readjust your according to your current needs.

Group your contracts

Grouping all your insurance at the same broker is a trick that will allow you to benefit from advantageous rates. If all your insurance is in one place, it will be easier for you to negotiate and lower your premiums. In addition, managing your file will be much easier if you have all your contracts in one place. You will be able to ask all your questions about your file and you will have easy to make requests to modify your contracts. Administrative procedures will be simpler and faster.