7 Tips to Save on Your Life Insurance!

Pay once a year

Most insurance companies will charge an additional fee for monthly payments. Why not pay for insurance in one payment once a year? In some cases, you can save up to 7% to 9% on your payments, it’s worth it!

Buy online as soon as possible

No, we do not talk about early in the day, but early in life! Indeed, life insurance increases as we get older. The younger and healthier we are, the better our price will be, it’s worth buying immediately online.

Get Paid For Your Opinions Today!

Buy what you need, point!

Although life insurance is a “necessary evil” to protect our family, we still need to take the time to assess our real need. Emma’s smart calculator allows you to calculate your needs in less than 2 minutes.

Temporary life insurance, why not?

Permanent life insurance is often attractive because of its cash value or simply because we are certain that it will pay for it one day. On the other hand, term insurance is very affordable and does a great job of protecting your family properly. Do not forget that temporary life insurance is there to cover a temporary need, such as maintaining the standard of living of minor children or paying a mortgage on the family home. Do not hesitate to buy term life insurance if you are in good health (not necessarily an iron health, but no problems or serious history).

A medical examination is required

It can be easy to get a price for life insurance without passing a medical exam, by answering a few basic questions. However, insurance without a medical examination is more risky for insurers because they do not ask a lot of questions to the insured. The price is higher.

Compare prices online before making your choice

Comparing prices is always a good idea before buying anything, so why do not we have this reflex when shopping for insurance? That’s why we recommend that you validate the prices of different insurers with a premium comparator.

Add protection by endorsement instead of a new contract

If you evaluate your need for life insurance online with the smart calculator and recommend that you purchase additional life insurance coverage for your current policy, you can ask your agent add a life insurance rider to your existing policy. In this way, you will avoid paying the duplicate contract fee for additional protection. One stone two shots!