The Christmas Gift That Nobody Will Want to Change: A Life Insurance

Christmas is a good time to be happy to have our people, to have people to love, to feel their affection, to be together … As a counterpart, it forces us to go shopping just when the stores are overflowing and access to the centers commercial becomes impossible. Luckily, there is an alternative that only has advantages and none of the usual drawbacks: giving life insurance.

These dates stress us because we do not know what to give, how to choose the nth tie and where to find the perfume of always. You have to be right with the size, be original, surprise, offer something beautiful or practical that fits our budget that appeals to those who receive it and that reflect our appreciation for others. Sometimes, as the years go by, we feel that we have already given everything away or, what is worse, that the addressee “has everything”.

Knowing this boring side of Christmas, some companies offer to give experiences: travel, hotels, and tickets for a concert … It’s not a bad idea, although sometimes these gifts are lost or must be given away. Dates do not match, time goes by or agendas are too tight.

Give life insurance

On the contrary; there are gifts that come well to everyone. Here are 9 advantages of giving life insurance:

1. Like anyone

We all have at home a horrible figure, a tablecloth that we hate or a book that we do not intend to read. They are objects that accompany us for many years, with which we lived so that the one who gave us did not see that it was an error or because of that conservative thought of “I cannot throw it away, it’s a gift”. Pity, life is short and we should not spend it surrounded by things we do not like. A life insurance is something that everyone likes, because it combines with everything in the home, helps to sleep better and to live quietly.

2. Always correct with the size

There are people who calculate by eye if some pants are the size of his wife or that he knows by heart the number of shoes that his children and his nephews wear, but it is not usual. If someone thought the worst was shopping before Christmas, try to trade the wrong size items after the Christmas holidays. When giving a life insurance always is correct with the size, nobody will run to change it in rebates.

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3. Does not occupy anything on the shelf

In this consumer society we tend to accumulate things that we do not need. We buy to buy, because they offer us products constantly and because many times they are so cheap that we do not care about throwing a euro that three. In the end, we find a lot of gadgets that we do not use or that are damaged on the second day. The houses, which are usually small, are turning into warehouses and those who have features Diogenes lament: “I do not fit anything”, “I have nowhere to put it” … Why aggravate the problem? Life insurance does not have to be put anywhere, it does not occupy anything on the shelf.

4. It is original

Newspapers and magazines launch supplements with the 25, 50, 100 best gift ideas: the bag, the socks, the buffa or the skateboard. Who buys and who receives feels that there is nothing new under the sun. Giving out life insurance is a truly different gift.

5. Sale cheap

Probably there is no other gift that can give so much in exchange for so little. For what it costs to go out to eat a Chinese all together you can pay life insurance for one year. This insurance will offer a capital, for example, €50,000, in the event of the death of the insured to pay their debts, meet the burial expenses or the payment of property transfer tax and to face the difficult beginnings due to the loss of income before an unexpected death. But also, a life insurance can serve to ensure the maintenance and assistance of the insured in case of disability due to an accident or serious illness or to leave the children twice the amount contracted if the accident is due to a traffic accident. No one is safe from an unforeseen event, no matter how old they are and whatever their state of health. A life insurance is a responsible gift.

6. Does not require shopping

This is not a minor advantage when living in large cities where traffic and the density of inhabitants per square meter turns the Christmas supply into a similar feat to go hunting in the jungle. A life insurance is bought online and ready. Seated before the screen, in our comparator it is possible to see the price differences between the most important insurance companies and analyze their coverage. Or even simpler: just call us on the phone for a life insurance expert to help the user give life insurance to those he loves the most.

7. Feel good to everyone

There are no insurance for women or men, for adults or children, for boys or girls. Anyone, at any age, may need insurance. Accidents and serious illnesses do not always happen to others. There are irresponsible people who do not want to talk about these issues, which gives them yuyu, but that is closing our eyes to the reality we see every day at our side. We all have to face the receipts of the month, the car, the telephone; we want to continue living in our home without fear of not being able to pay the mortgage; We want our children to be able to study even if we are not able to pay them for college, and we would like them to take care of us in case we cannot work. Life insurance serves everyone, regardless of sex, age, religion or ethnicity.

8. Does not need packaging

Wrapping for a gift is a nuisance, there are usually lines, dependents as unskillful as us and rather ugly papers. Life insurance does not require ribbons, bows or bows. Enough with an envelope and a card in which, simply, say something like “I hope you never have to use this gift.”

9. Express all the love of the world

Life insurance is the best gift because it guarantees our customers that they can keep going no matter what happens. Giving a life insurance not only has all the above advantages, but it is also giving love.