When to Use the Surrender Value of Your Life Insurance

Many older people may face unforeseen emergencies and may not have the financial resources to address them. In these cases, making a withdrawal from the insurance policy may be a good option.

How to withdraw funds

All life insurance has a cash value that can be withdrawn multiple times, depending on the type of policy.

    a) While there is no penalty for withdrawing funds, it must be repaid, plus a nominal amount of interest, to maintain the cash value of the policy and avoid default. This means that it is extremely important to know when to use the cash surrender value of a life insurance policy to meet short-term needs.

    b) Discuss repayment options and potential impacts on life insurance policies are still important.

    c) In some cases, if the cash value is not repaid within a given time interval, this could have a negative effect and possibly void the protection. But in most cases, a short-term withdrawal will have no penalties and can be a great way to get the necessary funds in the short term.

1. Health care issues

    a) Although federal and provincial governments provide health care services, not all services are covered by their respective health projects. Long-term care and many types of services for people with disabilities are often not covered, or only have limited protection. Retirees, who generally have fixed incomes, must therefore offset the additional cost.

    b) In such cases, withdrawing funds from the cash value of life insurance can be a good idea. Ensuring good health is always important, and more so during the retirement years when the cost of care can be high. A withdrawal from a life insurance policy can greatly help in such circumstances.

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2. Domestic repairs not covered by insurance

    a) Many seniors own a home that requires maintenance or repairs not covered by homeowners insurance. The problem could be a new roof, the replacement of a water heater, the fixing or maintenance of a heating or air conditioning system and other major repairs.

    b) Without these improvements and repairs, a house could fall into ruin and quickly lose its value. In such cases, it may be a good idea to withdraw funds from the cash surrender value of a life insurance policy to ensure that the house remains in good condition and at maximum value.

3. Difficulty in obtaining a low interest loan

    a) Whether it’s health care and home repairs or other short-term expenses, many seniors will try to get a low interest loan.

    b) Unfortunately, living on fixed incomes can make it difficult for many to get good rates, or even a loan at all. In such cases, it may be a good idea to withdraw the necessary funds from the cash surrender value of a life insurance policy.